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Using Video To Grow Your Expert Status

I was invited to a Bafta networking event recently, a fantastic little get-together. This was the result of attending a previous event hosted by the BBC.
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(PART 2) Using Video To Grow Your Business – An Evidence Based Approach

In my last blog I told you about how I raised £12,000 with a video Using Video To Grow Your Business  – An Evidence Based Approach. Well since then I managed to get myself nominated; one of 50 chosen to attend a “Welcome Back To Broadcasting Event” at The BBC’s headquarters in London. The video was a main part of my CV application. Another example of how this little video continues to grab attention. Read more

Evidence Based Video Marketing

Play our show reel video below to find out how video can more than double your sales enquiries. Read more

The Video Marketing Boom

National newspaper THE GUARDIAN published an article that states that “Small businesses that fail to include video in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril. This statement is rather harsh and I would re-phrase it to say Read more

Video Marketing in Action

Numerous studies have shown that video is the most engaging media on the internet today and can boost sales and ROI when combined with structured marketing strategies for business. Read more


Here is another example of the lengths at which large companies go in order to entice us to buy their products. This is an extreme case but market research and sales figures show that these kinds of media campaigns work. SME companies can now start doing the same
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