Using Video To Grow Your Expert Status

I was invited to a Bafta networking event recently, a fantastic little get-together. This was the result of attending a previous event hosted by the BBC.

After managing to swallow my mince pie and get over the initial shock of being at Bafta’s headquarters, I actually got round to doing some mingling with some pretty influential media heavyweights. Among whom was a top female ITV Talent Executive.

Should I mention her name? Errr not yet, she is really shy. I say this because I managed to get a meeting with her at ITV following the Bafta event and she refused to take a picture with me on account of her wearing a Christmas-themed red and green elf costume (with tinkle-bells on).

I was at ITV because she is interested in a project I am working on. Checkout my previous blog “Using Video To Grow Your Business  – An Evidence Based Approach“. She asked me if I had done any presenting and seemed slightly bemused when I said “No, not really”. At that point I did not cotton on to where she was going with the conversation.


Stacey Dooley a very talented young British television presenter and investigative journalist. Part of a production team responsible for a string of BBC 3 documentaries including “Cocaine Capital of the World”.


Standing Out From The Crowd – The Search For Topic Experts and Screen Talent


 The point of this blog is… mainstream media (radio, TV, magazines, newspapers) are always on the look out for subject experts or screen talent or a combination of both. Broadcast media across the board are constantly inviting experts to substantiate news stories or be the story themselves. Businesses can benefit hugely from this kind of exposure so it pays to be SEEN as an expert in your field. This can be achieved by simply dishing out video tips and advice on a topic relating to your business.

Over Half A Million Startups Launched In 2014, With 45,000 In November Alone


With the number of startups on the increase, it is now business suicide for SMEs not to present a genuine human side to their business. Younger more tech-savvy businesses will overtake “slow to react” businesses if they don’t adopt modern marketing methods quickly. If your business has years of experience, shouldn’t you be displaying your expert status using video (the most engaging media on the internet)?

I always like to prove what I am saying so here is a simple example of a relatively young man who has dominated a sector which would have probably suited an older more established business owner.

Simply type the words “etiquette expert” into Google and a gentleman by the name of William Hanson will probably appear at the top of the search.

Now click below and note how long he has been cleverly using video media to give himself ultimate expert status.

William Hanson’s Video Page

My advice is this: get your video phone out and then combine your DIY videos with some professional videos and add this powerful content to your marketing mix.

I want to help more SMEs to achieve this kind of expert status for their business. So I have devised a one-day video marketing workshop designed to do just that. Come along and I will show you step-by- step how to get there.  For a very limited time businesses and individuals have the chance to get a professional video. CLICK HERE