(PART 2) Using Video To Grow Your Business – An Evidence Based Approach

In my last blog I told you about how I raised £12,000 with a video Using Video To Grow Your Business  – An Evidence Based Approach. Well since then I managed to get myself nominated; one of 50 chosen to attend a “Welcome Back To Broadcasting Event” at The BBC’s headquarters in London. The video was a main part of my CV application. Another example of how this little video continues to grab attention.


After successfully raising funds on Kickstarter, I took my video and went to see John Barnes former Liverpool F.C and England player. I am smiling in this picture so things must have went well.


Video marketing works but as you know already, I don’t like talking about how good it is. I want to prove how good it is. So I want to help boost your businesses and show real evidence of how video marketing works. So come along and join me at my next VIDEO MARKETING WORKSHOP and benefit from my practical experiences on how video marketing can boost your business.

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