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There are lots of business experts throughout the country with useful information which SMEs can take advantage of to grow their businesses. We want to network with some of these influential business leaders and bring you some of this knowledge. We have a feeling that we just might meet some interesting people along the way.

22 June 2015

Show No.3 – Innovation Innovation Innovation – Are You The Next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg?

On the 4th June 2015 live in the House Of Commons Chancellor George Osborne said, “We (Great Britain) don’t export enough. So what is being done to encourage more innovation in Britain? Compared with our neighbouring countries it appears that more manufacturing is needed to further boost the economy and compete with the likes of Germany, France, and the Netherlands when it comes to the amount we export. So what support is there for budding innovators and can “birds of a feather get together” and share knowledge and experience for the greater good of themselves and the country? We spoke to Managing Director David Gill of the St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge (Britain’s answer to Silicon Valley in California) to find out what is going on at the cutting edge of tech and innovation.

Video Interview Map

0:11 seconds   Introduction to David Gill, Director of the St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge.

00:32 – St John’s is part of the Cambridge phenomenon know as Silicon Fen, in what way does it compare with Silicon Valley in California?

01 minute :19 seconds – Are there any more of these innovation centres across the UK?

01:44 – On the 4th June in the House Of Commons Chancellor George Osborne said “We (Great Britain) don’t export enough. Is the enough innovation right now in the UK?

03:30 – You were telling us about a few emerging technologies; graphene, tell us about that.

04:31 – Isn’t the UK too expensive to manufacture products now?

06:07 – You were talking about a high level of graduates and obviously the ivory towers of Oxford and Cambridge are close by. One can’t help get the feeling that this innovation centre maybe just be full of boffins?

07:15 – So David, when you are taking on a new company into this building and they want to move in, what are you looking for from them?

08:18 – …And what do you do to support them here at the innovation centre?

09:45 – Do you have to have an innovative idea to be able to walk into an innovation centre or to get a room in an innovation centre?

11:03 – Can you tell us about some of the success stories here at the innovation centre?

12:37 – Do you feel there is a “brain drain” going on in Britain?

13:24 – What advice would you give to an isolated innovator. How can they get to the stage where they can go along and join an innovation centre?

14:33 – So what is the best development route in terms of funding and support for a budding innovator?

15:18 – Cambridge has this amazing innovation centre, what about established companies, would you recommend that they come here and move into Silicon Fen?

16:08 – What other mechanisms need to be put in place to help innovation thrive throughout the UK?

16:15 – In terms of innovation, what is the next best thing besides graphene?

18:22 – You are attracting investors for the Cambridge Innovation Centre; what are investors looking to invest in, what is the next biggest thing that will bring in the biggest cash return?

19:10 – I know 3D printing is getting quite exciting, what is 3D printing and what is going on in that market. Right now?

20:26 – Haven’t they actually said that they can print and apple that tastes like a banana with 3D Printing?

21:01 – What’s next in terms of the Innovation Centre itself, what are your primary goals for the future?

22:10 – We have viewers watching this right now who are thinking “well I have a great idea, I understand that I need investment and I want to get involved with an innovation centre. You talked about the Growth Accelerator program and we know that companies going through the programme grow 4 times faster than SMEs that don’t. How can someone take the next steps to get started today?