Mentoring – Learning From Someone Else’s Mistakes And Not Your Own

SHOW No. 5 – In this video interview we spoke to Managing Director Jonathan Pfahl of Rockstar Mentoring, the UK’s leading company for the combination of mentoring and investment funding for businesses. Since 2007 they have mentored over 8000 companies.

Mentoring – Learning From Someone Else’s Mistakes And Not Your Own

According to Jonathan Pfahl, Managing Director of the country’s leading mentoring group Rockstar Mentoring, a good mentor is someone who has built a business, taken it through multiple recessions and then sold it for a considerable profit. If business owners had someone at the end of an email or phone call who has built a successful business in their sector and could offer them advice on exactly how to achieve their goals, they would probably be on the phone every other day to that individual. This is what a good mentor is supposed to be. The real question is why isn’t every business owner trying to find this kind of individual for their business. On the contrary we believe all business owners, Directors, CEOs and entrepreneurs do this in one way or the other. Jonathan Pfahl runs an organisation that has collected such a group of experienced business individuals. They also mentor and invest in businesses through their own funding streams so we questioned him on the importance of mentoring and what they look for in a business before they invest.

Video Interview Map

0:10 seconds   Introduction to Jonathan Pfahl, Managing Director of Rockstar Mentoring Group.

0:20 seconds – Rockstar Mentoring, that is a big name to live up to. Where did that name come from? Are you all rockstars here?

01 minutes :44 –   Do you have any famous mentors here? I see you have a big picture on the wall with yourself and Richard Branson.

03:03 – Are your mentors business people who have been there, done it and sold their businesses and now want to help others? Are they still business owners?

04:17 – Are you actively looking for mentors all of the time?

05:14 – What is your driving force at the moment? What gets you out of bed?

06:30 – Hold on, let me get this straight. If you mentor someone do they have to work from the Rockstar hub?

08:55 – When you are investing money into companies what are you looking for? What do you want from a business?

 10:50 – It sounds like you bring the people you are investing in here and walk around behind them with a big whip making sure they do the work; is that it?

12:20 – What has been your biggest achievement so far?

14:44 – Would you say that mentoring is a growth sector at the moment. Is it a model we have copied from overseas?

16:00 – There is that phrase “return on investment”; if I am going to give you my money I want to know that I can make it back tenfold. What guarantees can you give me?

19:49 – That is quite a significant statement. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

21:50 – I have looked at your Linkedin page and saw the term REAL mentoring. What is the difference between this and bog standard mentoring?

27:58 – What is the difference between a business mentor and a business coach?

29:30 – At what point during an entrepreneur’s business career should they consider getting a business mentor?

30:37 – EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) how useful are they?

32:43 – END