Matt Duggan Facebook Marketing Expert

There a lot of business experts throughout the country with a wealth of useful information which SMEs can take advantage of to grow their businesses. We want to network with some of these influential business leaders to bring you some of this knowledge. We have a feeling that we just might meet some interesting people along the way.

Show No.13 – Matt Duggan – Facebook Marketing Expert

I have dabbled with Facebook and thought I knew enough to get by, that was before I chatted with Matt on the show. I met Matt Duggan back in 2015 when AGR produced a show episode with Jonathan Pfahl, of Rockstar Mentoring.  Matt was based there and was head of digital marketing for the group.

I want to start using Facebook more to its potential for business so I decided to invite Matt for a half hour interview to find out more about using Facebook for business. After editing and re-listening to the show I wanted my business to take up his services. So I booked a conference call. Follow me on Facebook.

Chris Murray

Video Interview Map

00:14 seconds –  Introduction to Matt Duggan Facebook Marketing Expert, Facebook Ads specialist and founder and MD of LeadGenSocial and MD of RawLocal.

01:43 seconds – What are some of the great tools within Facebook that business owners can use right now to get their business where they want it to go?

05:37 –   More specifically we want to know how to use Facebook to get more business clients. How do we do that?

06:47 – Entertainment and education is key as you mentioned but do we have to be that active and engaging on Facebook for it to work for our businesses?

10:04 – How important is it to subtitle videos on Facebook is it a requirement now?

12:27 – How much money should we be spending on Facebook for advertising and marketing if we are a micro/small business?

13:45 – Do we have to spend money, do we have to run Facebook Ads for our businesses to benefit from Facebook?

15:06 – Your potential customers can now opt-in to mailing lists in your business directly from Facebook can you tell us more about that?

17:50 – You mentioned the term “Facebook Pixel”. Can you tell us what that is?

19:14 – Just how important is lead generation right now for small business?

20:39– Is Facebook in your opinion the ultimate tool for small business and startups?

21:55 – Here is a big question for you. For business should I focus more on Facebook or Youtube when it comes to video?

24:06 – If I advertise on Facebook the platform tells everyone that I have sponsored the Ad. I find this irritating. Why do they do this? And secondly why are video plays not initiated by me counted as a view?

28:02 – Are there any other ways startups, micro and small businesses can get their story out on Facebook without initially having to spend money?

24:05 – Once you start being yourself in business, then what should I do? Should I broadcast myself to the world?

30:56 – End.