Marketing 101 – Rob Thomas WSI-eMarketing

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2nd Oct 2015

Show No.6 – Digital Marketing 101 With Marketing Expert Rob Thomas of WSI-emarketing

Rob Thomas is one of the most articulate straight talking online marketers I have ever met. I chatted with him for over an hour at his Bristol office about some of the nitty gritty nuances of digital marketing and what SME businesses should do to get it right. The mere fact that we sell products and services for our businesses automatically makes us marketers. I want to talk to more marketing experts and find out exactly what the do’s and don’t s are about this essential business activity. I want to spend my marketing £££ right, don’t you?  :Chris Murray

Rob is a digital and mobile marketing expert. He is a professional speaker both in the U.S. and across Europe. In addition to consultation services Rob also coaches, trains and provides implementation services to help business owners and company leaders.

Video Interview Map

0:10 seconds  –   Introduction to Rob Thomas Managing Director of WSI- eMarketing Bristol.

0:25 seconds – Can anyone these days call themselves a digital marketer?

00:58 – Can any company use digital marketing to boost their business?

01:33 – Is there a template marketing strategy in which all other strategies are based on?

02:26 – Would you say that there is a good marketing strategy that can be adopted by micro and SME businesses?

03:35 – There are many businesses that don’t want to spend money on marketing. Are there other things they can do themselves to get their business on the marketing ladder?

04:18 – What would you say are the biggest challenges for marketers today?

06:18 – Would you agree that like it or not we all have to be marketers for our businesses?

 07:14 – We all have competition in our businesses, so how do we stand out from the crowd in order to win more business?

12:12 – Is Google giving priority to paid ads as opposed to organic search for page 1 listings?

15:35 – When choosing a marketer what should they have on their CV, what experience should they have?

17:37 – How do marketers package their service and how much do they charge on average?

19:48 – How quickly can I get a return on investment from a digital marketing plan?

27:08 – Is content still king?

32:41 – You mentioned video, how hot is video marketing right now?