Interview With Levi Roots

There a lot of business experts throughout the country with a wealth of useful information which SMEs can take advantage of to grow their businesses. We want to network with some of these influential business leaders to bring you some of this knowledge. We have a feeling that we just might meet some interesting people along the way.

Show No.9 – Interview With Levi Roots – Can Anyone Be Successful?

A lot of us will remember watching Levi Roots strolling up to the Dragon’s Den playing his guitar and asking shrewd business investors for £50,000 of investment for a sauce his granny use to make for him… But in all seriousness, if this is what it takes to be successful, then I want to take guitar lessons. Does Levi Roots symbolise that anyone can become success in business… if they really want to? So we asked him what does it take in his opinion. Great interview by Mark Llewellin.  Editor – Chris Murray AGR.

Video Interview Map

00:07 seconds –  Introduction to Levi Roots, Entrepreneur and musician.

00:40 seconds – What are your three tips for success?

04:16 –   Based on your own experience inside of the Dragon’s Den, would you agree that sometimes the experts can get it wrong?

07:26 – How important is it for people to take risks?

08:45 – What is the biggest enemy of success

10:02 – Can you be successful and happy and get the balance right in your life? Can having to much drive and determination to make money effect our happiness?

12:33 – Can anybody be successful?

13:14 – Tell us about your books.

15:27– Extract music from new music album “Levi Roots – Rise Above ”