Interview With Former Dragon’s Den Investor – Piers Linney

There a lot of business experts throughout the country with a wealth of useful information which SMEs can take advantage of to grow their businesses. We want to network with some of these influential business leaders to bring you some of this knowledge. We have a feeling that we just might meet some interesting people along the way.

Show No.8 – Interview With Former Dragon’s Den Investor – Piers Linney

Piers Linney is a business leader who needs no introduction to the business world. A former BBC Dragon Den’s star, Mr. Linney is a well established investor, business owner, financier and venture capitalist lawyer who knows what it takes to build a business. Whether your business is large or small the principles of building a business are the same. We spoke to Piers about his background, his current passions and the ingredients required to build a successful business.

Video Interview Map

00:06 seconds –  Introduction to Piers Linney.

00:30 seconds – Business dragon; not many will hold this title. Can it be regarded as badge of honour?

01:30 –   Since appearing on the BBC Dragon’s Den series has the exposure helped you develop further in the business world?

02:25 – Of the companies you have invested in on Dragon’s Den have there been any outstanding gems that you are still currently working with?

04:20 – On your biography page, of your personal website it says (on the first line) “Piers is of Barbadian and English heritage”. We are sensing that this means a lot to you?

05:26 – Do you share the fame spotlight with fellow Barbadian Rhianna ?

05:50 – When was the first moment that you realised that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

09:12 – You are becoming a bit of a champion for small businesses, tell us more about that.

11:30 – I like what you are saying about falling your way to success, so would you agree that you have to fail a number of times in order to succeed?

14:55 – Would you say that it is a prerequisite requirement to be tech savvy when starting a business?

17:30– What do you think about collaboration in business?

19:48 – There is a lot of risk involved in starting a business. What would you say to people who are teetering on the border of giving up their 9 to 5 regular employment to start their own business?

21:55– Why do you think there aren’t more mixed raced, ethnic origin business entrepreneurs emerging ?

24:33– Introduction to (A charity setup to give young people the opportunity to access job experiences with a wide range of business sectors using modern digital technologies to connect people).

27:28– Could you give the viewers 3 golden nuggets to help them become successful entrepreneurs?

30:25– END