Selling Your Business – Business Exit Strategy

There are lots of business experts throughout the country with useful information which SMEs can take advantage of to grow their businesses. We want to network with some of these influential business leaders and bring you some of this knowledge. We have a feeling that we just might meet some interesting people along the way.

27 July 2015

Show No.4 – Start Right To End Right – Exit Strategy & How To Sell Your Business

 Many entrepreneurs set up businesses with the idea of selling it later on and using the capital to move on to new ventures or escape to greener pastures. So when is the best time to think about this? What is the best way to go about it. How early should we consider it and what are some of the things we can do to maximise the return. We spoke to Rob Goddard Managing Director of Evolution Complete Business Sales, one of the UK’s leading company’s for selling businesses and planning exit strategies for tips on selling a business.

Video Map

0:10 seconds   Introduction to Rob Goddard Managing Director of Evolution Complete Business Sales.

0:33 seconds – Why should anyone think about an exit strategy. Is this something you do think about early in your business career?

1 min :15 seconds –   Your business is the only one that has sold over 200 businesses in the UK, is that correct?

01:47 – When is the best time to think about an exit strategy, do you need to have a healthy business?

02:25 – Is there a job title or job description for what you do?

04:06 – Are there people who buy businesses for a living?

04:43 – I am a happy business owner, why should I consider selling my business, surely it is the last thing on my mind?

07:14 -You are also business advisor and you have provided a service to one of the former Dragons from BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Tell us about that?

 08:05 – What are the prerequisites to having a business that is saleable?

09:46 – If I want to get a business onto my email database list, should I ask first?

10:44 – If I am thinking about selling my business in 10 years time what are some of the housekeeping tasks I can do now to make my life easier later on?

13:56 – Are you going to sell your business. Do you have an exit plan?

16:18 – What is going on with China, India and the Middle East buying up UK businesses, is this a growing trend ?

18:11 – What should I do if I get a call out of the blue from someone wanting to buy my business ?

21:34 – You have written a book providing tips on how to sell your business. Can you  give us two of your biggest top tips for selling your business ?

24:10 – If I sell my business and want to stay on as part of the management team, is that negotiable ?

27:44 – Do people find it difficult to manage their sudden windfall of money once their business is sold ?

31:53 – Do you have a good relationship with Business Angels ?

32:42 – What about merging your business with another business as apposed to out-right selling ?

34:40 CompetitionWin A Bottle Of Champagne.