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06 May 2015

Show No.2 – Email Marketing Doesn’t Work, Am I Using It Right?

Many start-up businesses begin with a telephone, email and if they are lucky, a website. Many established businesses still allocate sizable marketing funds to email campaigns. But has email had its day? Is it on its way out? Spam and junk mail are driving most of us up the wall. The question is, is anyone making money from email campaigns? We spoke to email marketing expert Tim Watson from Zettasphere, Chairman of the “Email Best Practice Hub” at the DMA (Direct Marketing Association). The big question was, is email dead?

Video Interview Map

0:39 seconds   Introduction to Tim Watson of Zettasphere and Chairman of the Email Best practice Hub at the DMA.

01 minute :00 seconds – Who are the Direct Marketing Association?

03:24 –   Is email dead?

04:50 – What is the value of email marketing to businesses today?

05:45 – Why are businesses generally not trusting email as a reliable way to boost their business?

08:58 – Do I first need to send useful information before trying to make a sale with email?

10:16 – But isn’t it a fact that generally people buy from other people?

12:30 – What is value exchange permission based email marketing ?

 14:21 – Spam, what is being done to eradicate it?

19:36 – If I want to get a business onto my email database list, should I ask first?

21:46 – Are there anti-spam laws governing the illicit sending of emails in the UK as in Canada?

23:50 – What about charging businesses to send emails to help eradicate spam?

25:18 – I am a small business owner and I want to use email as part of my sales strategy how can ensure that my email reaches the intended recipient and not their junk mail spam box?

27:56 – How do I ensure that my email arrives at my intended recipient in the way I formatted and sent it?

30:18 – How can I ensure that my emails are engaging enough so that our campaigns will get increased open rates?

33:09 – Tim, give us your best tips for a good email campaign.

36:54 – How do we measure the return on investment of our email campaigns?

38:57 – Is there a difference in the way you run a B2C email campaign compared with a B2B campaign?

40:17 – What are email service providers (ESPs)?

45:29 – How does Google Analytics help track email performance?

47:39 – What is the future of email and email marketing and will it be replaced by a new technology?

51:25 – For businesses that are unsure about email marketing what would you say to them?