Come Onto The Show

What you will get from the show

  • Professional “television style” online video production to help you promote your online messages
  • High quality video snippets designed to help you promote your personal brand and business brand
  • Short video snippets to help you engage more with your current customers and attract new customers
  • Pictures designed for social media to help you promote your online social media messages
  • An opportunity to promote useful information about new products and services your business may want to launch
  • An opportunity to professionally share your success stories and your vision of the future
  • An excellent opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge and improve your online personal branding
  • We are based at the Greenwich Peninsula is a wonderful place to visit. We highly recommend the Emirates cable car sky lift.

Chris Murray with Sandy Smith Executive Editor BBC One Show

Chris Murray with Sandy Smith, Executive Editor BBC One Show.  P.S  he is in charge of this show. The BBC want your stories so start showing them and start building them through us. We know giants in media who know other giants in media. But remember you are a potential broadcaster and the future of television is online.

AGR Business Show summary

The future of television is online and pioneers like us are jumping on the band-wagon. Facebook recently announced that they are introducing television style programs to their platform. This is a further indication that the future of television is definitely online and businesses can take HUGE advantage of this. The AGR Business Show was created out of a desire to advertise what we do and network with experienced business leaders. Now we are turning it into a information hub for the business community and using it as a vehicle to share knowledge and promote those who come onto the show.

To qualify to get onto the show

You must have business knowledge worth sharing and have either created/sold or run  a 6-figure plus business. This is good enough social proof that other business people can watch, listen and learn something from you. We will also ask you some simple market research questions.

Get in touch with us

To get on a show contact Chris Murray on 020 8691 1315 or 0751 5677131.

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” The sky is the limit” The Emirates cable car sky lift

” The sky is the limit” The Emirates cable car sky lift