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01 May 2017

Show No.12 – Matt Duggan – Facebook Marketing Expert

I have dabbled with Facebook and thought I knew enough to get by, that was before I chatted with Matt on the show. I met Matt Duggan back in 2015 when AGR produced a show episode with Jonathan Pfahl, of Rockstar Mentoring.  Matt was based there and was head of digital marketing for the group.

I want to start using Facebook more to its potential for business so I decided to invite Matt for a half hour interview to find out more about using Facebook for business. After editing and re-listening to the show I wanted my business to take up his services. So I booked a conference call. Follow me on Facebook – Chris Murray     View Show

06 August 2016

Show No.11 – Interview With Christina Jackson – LinkedIn Expert

Since 2003 Christina Jackson has been coaching hundreds of Business Owners and Professionals and Sales Teams to grow their businesses using her strategies. She believes that business individuals who are not using LinkedIn as part of their business strategy are missing out on leads, referrals, repeat business and ultimately failing to establish themselves as a key person of influence in their industry
The bottom line for most businesses is maintaining and increases sales. So I wanted to ask Christina the ultimate question “Can we use LinkedIn to increase sales?” Christina is fast becoming a top thought leader in her field.- Chris Murray. View Show

21 March 2016

Show No.10 – Interview With Brad Burton – The UK’s No.1 Business Motivational Speaker

Whenever I here Brad Burton speak I always get fired up. You can’t help but get fired up, after all he is the UK’s No.1 motivational speaker and at age 43 he’s still has got a lot of motivating to do. In this interview Brad gets down to the nitty gritty of what micro and small business owners need to do in order to become successful. I am already putting some of what he said into action because I know it’s what I should be doing. I still have a lot to learn and that’s one of the reasons why I do the business show. To be the best you have got to learn from the best. Our 1oth show is definitely one to remember – Chris Murray. View Show

19 Feb 2016

Show No.9 – Interview With Levi Roots – Can Anyone Be Successful?

A lot of us will remember watching Levi Roots strolling up to the Dragon’s Den playing his guitar and asking shrewd business investors for £50,000 of investment for a sauce his granny use to make for him… But in all seriousness, if this is what it takes to be successful, then I want to take guitar lessons. Does Levi Roots symbolise that anyone can become success in business… if they really want to? So we asked him what does it take in his opinion. Great interview by Mark Llewellin.  Editor – Chris Murray. View Show

08 Dec 2015

Show No.8 – Interview With Former Dragon’s Den Investor – Piers Linney

Piers Linney is a business leader who needs no introduction to the business world. A former BBC Dragon Den’s star, Mr. Linney is a well established investor, business owner, financier and venture capitalist lawyer who knows what it takes to build a business. Whether your business is large or small the principles of building a business are the same. We spoke to Piers about his background, his current passions and the ingredients required to build a successful business.

04 Nov 2015

Show No.7 – Business Coaches, Are They The Keys To Unlocking Business Potential?

An external subjective look at you and your business could be the answer to unlocking its potential. Could employing the services of a business coach be the answer to winning more business, generating more sales and creating a strategic plan going forward? Most entrepreneurs have the answers to the growth of their business locked inside of their heads. Bringing these answers clearly and concisely to the surface could mean the difference between success and failure. We spoke to a series of business coaches about some of the issues facing businesses today and how business coaches go about helping solve them

02 Oct 2015

Show No.6 – Digital Marketing 101 With Marketing Expert Rob Thomas of WSI-emarketing

Rob Thomas is one of the most articulate straight talking online marketers I have ever met. I chatted with him for over an hour at his Bristol office about some of the nitty gritty nuances of digital marketing and what SME businesses should do to get it right. The mere fact that we sell products and services for our businesses automatically makes us marketers. I want to talk to more marketing experts and find out exactly what the do’s and don’t s are about this essential business activity. I want to spend my marketing £££ right, don’t you?  :Chris Murray

17 Aug 2015

Show No.5 – Mentoring – Learning From Someone Else’s Mistakes And Not Your Own

According to Jonathan Pfahl, Managing Director of the country’s leading mentoring group Rockstar Mentoring, a good mentor is someone who has built a business, taken it through multiple recessions and then sold it for a considerable profit. If business owners had someone at the end of an email or phone call who has built a successful business in their sector and could offer them advice on exactly how to achieve their goals, they would probably be on the phone every other day to that individual.

24 July 2015

Show No.4 – Start Right To End Right – Exit Stratergy and How To Sell Your Business

 Many entrepreneurs set up businesses with the idea of selling it later on and using the capital to move on to new ventures or escape to greener pastures. So when is the best time to think about this? What is the best way to go about it. How early should we consider it and what are some of the things we can do to maximise the return. We spoke to Rob Goddard Managing Director of Evolution Complete Business Sales, one of the UK’s leading company’s for selling businesses and planning exit strategies for tips on selling a business.

22 June 2015

Show No.3 – Innovation Innovation Innovation

On the 4th June 2015 live in the House Of Commons Chancellor George Osborne said, “We (Great Britain) don’t export enough. So what is being done to encourage more innovation in Britain? Compared with our neighbouring countries it appears that more manufacturing is needed to further boost the economy and compete with the likes of Germany, France, and the Netherlands when it comes to the amount we export. So what support is there for budding innovators and can “birds of a feather get together” and share knowledge and experience for the greater good of themselves and the country? We spoke to Managing Director David Gill of the St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge (Britain’s answer to Silicon Valley in California) to find out what is going on at the cutting edge of tech and innovation.

06 May 2015

Show No.2 – Email Marketing, Does it Work?

Many start-up businesses begin with a telephone, email and if they are lucky, a website. Many established businesses still allocate sizable marketing funds to email campaigns. But has email had its day? Is it on its way out? Spam and junk mail are driving most of us up the wall. The question is, is anyone making money from email campaigns? We spoke to email marketing expert Tim Watson from Zettasphere, Chairman of the “Email Best Practice Hub” at the DMA (Direct Marketing Association). The big question was, is email dead?

04 March 2015

Show No.1 – Businesses Need Cash. Investors Can Gain Through Tax Incentives – The Enterprise Investment Scheme

Businesses, investors and entrepreneurs with surplus cash can increase their investment portfolios and pay less tax. Watch video and find out how you can reduce your tax bill through the investment schemes EIS and SEIS. We spoke to Lord Flight, member of the House of Lords and Chairman of the EIS Association. (Filmed at Metro Bank headquarters).