The AGR Business Show

We are creating an online business show by talking to business experts and leaders on topics surrounding SME business development. We will interview influential business people and ask them the questions most SMEs face on how to create better, stronger and more profitable businesses.

I spoke to a business leader recently who described our plan to create an Online Business Show as “an audacious idea”. I totally agree with him. It is rather bold but as Pat Younge former Head of Creative at the BBC said; “Media is what happens at the intersection of storytelling and technology”. Today we are allowed to do this because the technology and tools are here to do it.

Former BBC Chief Creative Officer and Chris Murray, AGR Director

Pat Younge – “Media is what happens at the intersection of storytelling and technology. Online digital is the future and remember that corporate videos are stories too.” Pat led the largest team of content creators in the world, with around 3,000 staff and freelancers, delivering hit BBC shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, Top Gear, Luther, Antiques Roadshow, EastEnders, Dragons’ Den, Watchdog and The One Show.

Today there is nothing stopping individuals and companies from using the internet and video platforms like YouTube and turning themselves into money making machines. The number of young people picking up video cameras and turning themselves into overnight success stories is staggering. It is interesting to observe larger established companies fall over themselves to get these young entrepreneurs to endorse, comment on, try out, wear and accept to do business with them, this is a complete turnaround from the heydays of terrestrial TV.

Every micro, small and medium sized business I know, would jump at the chance to spout off on a video sharing platform if they thought it could net them a £5M profit in the next financial year. The secret is that these youngsters are at the cutting edge of where storytelling meets technology while the rest of us are either painfully unaware, slow or allergic to change.

I am constantly telling SME companies how they should take advantage of the internet by creating their own online “TV” channels to gather an audience and be seen as an expert in their field. Doing this consistently leads to the attention of local radio, newspapers, magazines which can lead to larger broadcasters putting a spotlight on you; the holy grail for any business.

INFORMATION INFORMATION INFORMATION – Your customers primarily seek out information first before they buy. Packaging short concise information in a video saves your viewers time and invites them to find out more.


We are doing this primarily because we want to advertise what we do and network with business leaders and experts. This “audacious idea” fits our skills set and our ambitions perfectly. Our company is young, agile, wants to make mistakes and learn from them. So we want to mimic our young heroes and practice what we preach.


It’s a simple one, we will invite influential business leaders to our show and ask them to share their expert knowledge with us which we will in turn share with you. At the very least we will gain knowledge. I am a firm believer that “knowledge is power”. I recently spoke to another business expert who said to me “You really should use a picture of yourself on your Linkedin profile and he explained why. So I did. Everyone knows the saying “It’s not what you know but who you know but how do I know who I should get to know?” Well I think I may have created a mechanism for doing that. The business experts we invite will not only further compound their expert status but they will also benefit from obtaining good quality video footage from us. Creating this show will be a journey of business exploration from an SME point of view. The AGR Business Show – Helping them to help us to help you – Knowledge Is Power.