100K or Bust – How to make money from public speaking

£100K or Bust – Episode 1

A social proof project designed to show how ordinary business minded people can earn extra money from their knowledge and experience through public speaking.

About the project

£100K in 12 months. Wow ! I know lots of people who would like to know how to do this. The idea came after interviewing Simone Vincenzi on our Business Show. Simone runs a 6-figure business called GTex with his business partner Ben Shorter.  These two young business mavericks believe they can coach anyone on how to build a 6-figure business in 12 months using their business knowledge and experience. The GTex team want to create a social proof project that shows in real-time how this could be done. They understand the power of video and asked me (Chris Murray) to take centre stage on this project. GTex will be coaching me on how to achieve a £100K target all from public speaking over the next 12 months. This is a very brave step for GTex and in some ways their reputation is on the line. No doubt if it goes horrible wrong fingers may point in my direction, particularly if I don’t put the work in but let’s not be too cynical.

Chris Murray with Sandy Smith Executive Editor BBC One Show

This is a business reality series that will show how a company (GTex) will use online video to show their business in action by gathering social proof about their products and services. The outcome will be to raise more awareness of their business and boost their company revenue through increased sales from improved engagement with new potential customers.

6 reasons why a project like this is good for business

  • (1) It’s a good way to attract and engage with future customers.
  • (2) It’s a good content marketing vehicle. All companies involved in the project could attach their own marketing messages to the content being created.
  • (3) It’s a means of creating consistent, on-going and potentially non-stop marketing material which can both educate and entertain audiences and keep them returning because of the value it adds to their own lives.
  • (4) Business people involved in projects like this can easily raise their online profile and personal branding.
  • (5) It’s a social proof project designed to increase sales by building trust in a business.
  • (6) This type of project can build up leads quickly for a business.

£100K Or Bust

The future of television is online and pioneering businesses like the ones demonstrated here are jumping onto the band-wagon. Facebook recently announced that they are introducing television style programs to their platform. This is a further indication that the future of television is definitely online and businesses can take HUGE advantage of this. This project is another example that all businesses and business owners are potential broadcasters and can create their own gravity for attracting new customers and clients.

” The sky is the limit” The Emirates cable car sky lift

Chris Murray with Ricky Gervais – Award winning Actor, Writer & Director

The future of television is online – Join us

Do you know someone who would like to attempt to make £100k in 12 months through public speaking? Share the below information with someone who sees themselves as an online TV personality and understands the power of personal branding for growing a business. Richard Branson is an example of someone who has used his personal brand and the media very well.

This project will think on its feet and new ways of presenting the series will evolve over time. One idea we have is to introduce characters to the project. If you would like to join this series and develop your business in the ways mentioned above contact me using the information below. To qualify you must be running a strong business and have knowledge and experience worth shouting about. Follow me on Facebook

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